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This note is to thank you for the great service I received with two recent orders.  I would like to begin praying the morning/evening prayers from the Divine Office each day.  I found the “Divine Office for Dodos” online and ordered the bookmark set from your gift shop 

A couple of days later I saw the beautiful handmade leather breviary covers on your website.  I ordered it fully expecting to wait a few weeks as the artist produced it  I was so pleasantly surprised when both orders arrived within a few days! 

Thanks for taking care of both orders so quickly.  The breviary cover is lovely and makes my book something extraordinary.  I am starting to put the bookmarks to use as I work through the “Dodos” book. I hope that this is the beginning of a great spiritual journey.  Thanks for providing these resources and your great customer service.  God bless you all in your ministry.

In Christ,  Jessica K


Wow!  I am blown away with how my order for holy cards was handled so swiftly and efficiently!  Thank you very much!  The cards for Megan's First Communion are beautiful and came in perfect condition. 

I will share your website with my friends and may use you again, should the need arise.  With graditude, Gloria E.


Thank you for the prompt attention to my order and also, for the breviary also enclosed with my order.  I have been wanting to email a letter of thanks for this product AND the breviary but do not have internet at home, and due to the holiday weekend had no access to email.  I also appreciated the information enclosed on reordering items which I am sure to be useful in the event that I am successful in my job hunting.  THANK YOU so much for your prayers which are appreciated more than you know.

--Nancy D


Thank you for such wonderful customer service you provided me with





I found you completely by accident as I was looking for Franciscan supplements to the Breviary. I am a Franciscan associate to a community in Illinois, and I pray both portions of the breviary as well as from a daily community prayer book. Anyway, I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to find your gift shop. Not only am I able to find a whole bunch of Franciscan stuff, but I’m also able to support your good work with my purchases. God bless you and your ministry!


Kind regards,


Diane B.



I just wished to thank you so much for sending my order right away so I could mail it to my friend before Easter. I love the cross (nice quality and price) and holy cards and was so happy to find holy cards of Ste. Geneviève. I am bookmarking your store’s website. 




Many blessings,


Thank you so much for your help with my order. It shipped on Saturday and I received it already today.
Everything is perfect; the prayer cards I ordered for myself and a few gifts.
Thanks also for the extras that were included in the package.
In the heart of Mary,